Progressive / Alternative Rock debut from Kyshera including Serialism, Tone Colour works for Orchestra, noise & a lot of politics...

'Paradigm' is the debut album by UK Alternative Rock band KYSHERA. Released on July 12th 2010, the album was recorded by the band at the home of their Singer and the albums producer, James Kennedy.


The whole album was recorded & mixed within 3 weeks over the Christmas period of 2009. A studio was set up in a junk room at Kennedy's home & bassist Matt Warr recalls it being absolutely freezing with Snow falling through the roof & having to wear gloves during takes in front of an electric heater. The whole album was recorded & produced on a home PC and 'zero' budget, something which Kennedy has admitted to being evident in the sound of the albums production. Despite the budgetary & technical confinements of the albums creation, Paradigm is a very ambitious album with a completely Orchestral track (Frequency 1) being an experiment in 'tonal colour' with Kennedy building up large walls of tones which contrast with the next creating different sensations despite their being no rhythm, melody or tonal centre; or the fast paced 'Fiction' which is a non-stop sequence of never repeated sections at break neck speed & opens with a high brow Classical technique called 'Serialism' but played in a Punk style. The album begins with the bizarre & repetitive 'If' which was placed at the start of the record as an ironic statement about bands predictably putting their lead single first on their albums. Lyrically, the album set the tone for much of KYSHERA's following work in that it is exclusively political in nature and subjects covered include corruption ('Paradigm', 'The Servant'), the media ('Kill The Messenger'), consumerism & celebrity ('Lust', 'Fiction'), war ('Moments Silence') & protest ('Coalition'). The cover artwork was sketched out by Kennedy and created by local artist Lorna Stevenson.

At this stage the band had no management, label, PR or booking agent so all reviews for the album (Rock Sound, Classic Rock etc) were acquired by the band directly. KYSHERA did 2 launch shows for the album - one at The Globe in Cardiff, which can be seen in full on Youtube and the 2nd at Water Rats in London. A tour followed with dates across the UK and KYSHERA also did dates in Toronto, Canada as part of NXNE 2011.

You can hear Kennedy playing the entire album & talking through each track & the making of the album on YouTube at :


1. If - 3:07

2. Paradigm - 5:27

3. Willing Prey - 3:21

4. Lust - 3:17

5. Element - 2:55

6. Fiction - 2:19

7. Kill The Messenger - 4:15

8. Moments Silence - 3:48

9. The Servant - 3:24

10. Frequency 1 - 1:32

11. Frequency 2 - 2:39

12. Coalition - 4:06

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Artist : KYSHERAReleased : July 12th 2010Label : Konic RecordsProducer : James KennedyGenres : Alternative Rock / Progressive / Orchestral / Experimental

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