The National Health Service

Simple acoustic songs from Singer Songwriter James Kennedy

'The National Health Service' is the 2nd Solo album by KYSHERA frontman James Kennedy. It was released on May 1st 2013 through Konic Records as a 'digital only' release.


After a very experimental musical period with his previous solo release, the electronic '9.i.P.' and the previous 2 KYSHERA albums, Kennedy found himself enjoying simpler, more traditional songwriting once again and also had a collection of songs that he'd written which didn't fit the KYSHERA sound. He chose to release them as the short & simple side album 'The National Health Service'. Heavily acoustically orientated, the album also sees Kennedy exploring less topical themes with his lyrics and instead shows the beginnings of his expression of more personal themes - something to be pursued further on the subsequent solo & KYSHERA releases. The album was recorded, mixed & mastered by Kennedy at his home studio on a home PC and all of the instruments are performed by Kennedy. Singles from the album include 'Good Days, Bad Days', 'Planet Earth' & 'Live'. Kennedy has hinted at a remastered, re-release of the album on CD at some point in the future.


1. Wicker Man - 4:13

2. The Joes - 3:58

3. Good Days, Bad Days - 3:49

4. Live - 3:44

5. Interlude - 1:17

6. Follow The Leader - 3:44

7. Sleeping Horses - 3:52

8. The Labyrinth - 4:19

9. Planet Earth - 4:07

10. The Last Dance - 5:05

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Artist : JAMES KENNEDYReleased : May 1st 2013Label : Konic RecordsProducer : James KennedyGenres : Acoustic / Pop / Alternative Rock / Folk

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