Meanings Of Life

Words & Music by James Kennedy

'Meanings Of Life' is an Alternative Pop Rock song & the 1st song on the 2017 James Kennedy album 'Home'. The words, music & production are by James Kennedy.

'Meanings Of Life' kicks off the album 'Home' with an anthemic, cinematic feel - big stadium-esque drums, claps & brooding chords. Kennedy layered his voice over 40 times across many harmonies in order to build up the vocal sound used throughout. The short song has a 'questioning', building atmosphere from it which climaxes in the final section. Lyrically, the song is about Kennedy's search for 'meaning' in his life during his emotional 'meltdown' in 2016 in a world where everything has already been done, said, experienced & achieved. As the songs says 'What about us? What do we do? What do we mean?' to which the conclusion Kennedy later came to was that we just 'do it all again'. We do it all again for the fun of doing it, for the sense of purpose it gives us to our lives and the experiences it gives us along the way - which is why the song is entitled the 'MeaningS of Life' plural because there isn't ONE eternal meaning from which we all derive our lives meaning but endless, personal meanings which we derive from whatever we personally hold to be interesting, fun or important. In 1 minute & 44 seconds the song encapsulates at the start of the album, Kennedy's feelings of depression & lack of self worth to his 'coming out the other side' with new clarity & gentler sense of perspective.


When everything’s been said

And everything’s been seen

And after all is done

In every wildest dream

When every truth’s been told

And every lesson learned

And every answer found

And every victory earned

What about us?

What about me?

What do we do?

What do we mean?

We do it all again

We do it all again

We do it all again

We do it all again