Experimental Polyrhythmic musique concrete

Composed & Produced by James Kennedy

'Time' is an experimental electronic piece of music composed & produced by James Kennedy and is the 7th track on his 2012 solo album '9.i.P.'

'Time' is composed entirely out advanced Tuplets, extreme Nested Polyrhythms & Poly Tempo's and like the track 'Planck' (also from '9.i.P'), which was an experiment in the 'relativity' of pitch, it is an experiment in the illusion of & elasticity of time. A Metronome ticks away throughout giving a clear definition of the tempo & beat, however, due to a heavy use of Tuplets and PolyRhythms, it is possible to create the illusion of the song slowing down & speeding up, even though it hasn't. The purpose of this was to experiment musically with the 'relativity' of time & our perception of it. It was also an experiment in using modern technology to be able to hear complex rhythms that had been previously impossible to perform by human musicians.

The accompanying music is of a dark, atonal nature & is composed mostly of industrial sounds.