The End

Words & Music by James Kennedy

'The End' is an Alternative Rock song & the 12th song on the 2015 Kyshera album 'Circle'. The words, music & production are by James Kennedy.

'The End' is a gentle acoustic song which was performed completely live and in one take (the 1st take) at Unit 28 in Newport, recorded by Jeff Rose. The song is ultimately about death & the thoughts of someone who is 'on their deathbed' reflecting upon life, their regrets & lessons learned. The song is also about the death of the albums central character who rather than 'burning out', as is the expected cliche for a rock star, is in fact dying of old age and 'fading away' in a very normal & un-sensationalist way. He reflects upon the cold, unfairness of life and wishes he had realised sooner what is most important before losing it all by chasing the lie fed to him by modern culture. He urges the listener to learn from his mistakes & value those close to you now so that you don't suffer the same lonely fate as him. The song finalises the characters journey as followed throughout the album and ends in a soft, surrendering manner in contrast to when the the protagonist proclaimed earlier on the song 'Endgame' that 'this is the end' during their attempt to control death through suicide. The song poses no answer to dealing with death other than to see it as a motivation for living a fuller life while you have it. The songs ends as the character whispers their final, dying words "This is The End" and thus also ends the album in a similar, frail manner in contrast to the bravado with which it started with 'Napoleon'.


This is the end, my final moment

This is the end, I’ve always wondered how it would be

So these are my last words

And these are my final thoughts

I’ve seen the highs, I’ve seen the lows

I’ve seen everyone I’ve ever loved come and go

I’ve seen heroes die poor and prophets ignored

While the lost souls are watching the show

This is the end, there’s nothing I can do

If I could start again, I’d be so much better to you

‘Cos I can see so clearly now

Now that its too late to change a thing

I wish I could tell you now, the words I never said when you were around

And if I could hold you again, time could take me then

Because love was all that mattered in the end

And this is the end of my life

By showing the dark, may I give you the light

As I fade away, as I fade away

This is the end, this is the end

This is the end, this is the end