Words & Music by James Kennedy

'Sugar' is an Alternative Rock song & the 4th song on the 2012 Kyshera album 'Made In China'. The words, music & production are by James Kennedy.

'Sugar' is another musical tour de force on the album featuring various genre changes, unconventional chords, various sound effects, noise & odd time signatures. The song starts with a sample of Richard Dawkins speaking against Religion which sets the theme for the song which, lyrically, goes on to be overtly critical of all Religions. Kennedy makes some very strong statements about Religion in this song, which not all listeners will find agreeable. 'Sugar' ends abruptly half way through and spontaneously digresses in to random samples of people praying, Dogs snarling & Pigs snorting before kicking back in to the 2nd half of the song. Musically, the song contains tons of layers from various keyboards, Guitars, effects, harmonies, spoken word, noise & much more.


Man made God and God made you

Through those motherly encyclopedias of truth

Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Jew

Your Gods were bred to hypnotise you.

Postpone your potential to the next life

‘Cos it’s Gods will that they fuck you

And there’s eternal suffering for sinners

Who question the convenience of blind faith.

Happily you cede free will

For a fantasy that is easier for you.

All religions

A trillion dollar industry

Thats sells the cheapest lie ever to humanity

And a hypocrites, blood letting morality

Fearful, hateful, braindead willing killers

Blinded by some bullshit bigoted fairy tale

Yet see their shallow, selective faith in action.

Every time they pray from their hospital bed.

I’m not an atheist, I’m an anti-theist

But I’m a better person than any of you

Your moral highgrounds nothing more than an insurance agenda

‘Cos even if you’re ever good it’s only to save your own ass burning

Humbly your on your knees

Waste your only life begging to nobody