Rhythmic Musique Concrete frenzy.

Composed & Produced by James Kennedy

'Spectra' is an experimental electronic piece of music composed & produced by James Kennedy and is the 2nd track on his 2012 solo album '9.i.P.'

'Spectra' is a fast paced rhythm based piece composed out of 'hundreds of hand made sounds'. Whilst the drum rhythms are frantic & relentless throughout, there is not a single bar of repetition in the song & the accompanying sounds are constantly changing at breakneck speed. Kennedy has said that the editing process took weeks 'on and off' and that mixing the song was a 'real headache' due to the sheer amount of tiny sounds that come & go throughout. Despite this, it is probably the most 'accessible' track on the album and is the only track on '9.i.P.' that uses any form of conventional rhythm.