Planet Earth

Words & Music by James Kennedy

'Planet Earth' is an alternative Rock song & is the 9th song on the 2013 James Kennedy album 'The National Health Service'. The words, music & production are by James Kennedy.

'Planet Earth' was written in one sitting during the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011. Kennedy, an anti-Royalist, found himself taken aback by the level of public hysteria over the wedding and how much it had dominated all areas of life. Kennedy clearly remembers watching the news in disbelief at how 'over the top' it all was and instead of joining in the public festivities, sat at the Piano and wrote 'Planet Earth' in one session. Musically, the song is very simple and consists of just a solo Piano playing simple arpeggiated chords and vocals. The song has an eerie, spacey feel to it, possibly because of the lyrics which are describing humans from the perspective of a space alien looking in at humankind and deducing that though 'You'll like 'em, you'll worry sick about Planet Earth'.


They flee from imaginary men in the sky

Like Flees under the Stars

You can see the innocence in their eyes

But believe they’re a ticking bomb

And they went from Tribes to Groups

Still controlled by the tiny few

Here on Planet Earth

Just a grain of Earth

In a Universe


With no-one to save them there

From themselves

You can see why they send their prayers

To someone else

When they still use the eyes of a hunting man

With the tools of Apocalypse

And they’re suckers for a trick

Though you’ll like them you’ll worry sick

About Planet Earth

Just a grain of Earth

In a Universe