Polyrhythmic, Microtone music for Orchestra & Electronics.

Composed & Produced by James Kennedy

'Planck' is an experimental electronic piece of music composed & produced by James Kennedy and is the 3rd track on his 2012 solo album '9.i.P.'

'Planck' is an instrumental piece for Piano, Violin, Synth & various Sound Effects composed entirely from 'Micro Tones'. All Western music is composed from just 12 notes that make up the octave, however, by using electronic manipulation Kennedy was able to split up each note on each instrument into smaller sub-notes, similar to the 'Quarter Tone' music of Eastern European & Asian countries but to a much more extreme extent. Kennedy split his 'octaves' up into divisions much smaller than Quarter Tones and composed 'Planck' from these new notes. The ensuing dark piece is reminiscent of much of the 20th Century Orchestral music of Stockhausen & Arnold Schoenberg. The title is a reference to Quantum Theorist Max Planck because this piece and Kennedy's track 'Time' (also featured on '9.i.P.') were both intended as musical representations of the illusion of time & space (or time & pitch) in these examples and how musical harmony, rhythm, tension & release etc are all relative to their musical context & not fixed.