Words & Music by James Kennedy

'Paradigm' is an Alternative Rock song & the 2nd song on the 2010 Kyshera album 'Paradigm'. The words, music & production are by James Kennedy.

The song is mostly in 6/8 timing and Drop D tuning, although sections of the song (such as the intro) feature a wild variety of interchanging time signatures. In a compositional style that marked some of James's other songs around the same period, Paradigm features a lot of musical sections in a series (as opposed to verse / chorus) and the song has no repeats until half way through.

Lyrically, the song is Kennedy claiming that all forms of power function in the same way as organised criminal gangs. In the chorus Kennedy claims that every 'military, industry, corporation' etc are 'self advancing organisms' and that the 'entangled interests' of these various power hubs is 'how the world is run, no less'.


If you want to understand

The real politics of man

From the Empire to the San

Humanity is ruled by gangs

How many differences

Can you see when you scratch the surface

In the rule of crime & the rule of law

Just see your rulers as a gang, nothing more

And pay your protection to Tax man in return

For token gestures that service the lie

Dont cause no tension or Police man footsoldier

Show who’s defence they really provide

And if you choose, its from the few trustable

To nurture the rule, from whom they’re corruptable

Every Military & institution

Industry & Corporation

Secret society & justice system

Is a self advancing organism

If you want to understand

The emancipation of man

Learn by your oppressors hand

That power lies with the strongest gang

Black market crackdown is market monopoly

Illegality serves its maker

Turf expansion in Foreign policy

There’s no question that violence cannot answer

Like Selfish genes, build a body

Bodies build Fraternities

And the maneouvers of entangled interests

Is how the world is run no less

Every society in every nation

Monarchy & Religion

Democracy & Revolution

Is a self advancing organism