New World Order

Experimental noise music

Composed & Produced by James Kennedy

'New World Order' is an experimental electronic piece of noise music composed & produced by James Kennedy and is the 4th track on his 2012 solo album '9.i.P.'

'New World Order' is an abrasive noise piece similar to Japanese noise artist 'Merzbow'. Kennedy is a fan of noise music & cites Japanese band Melt Banana as a big influence. The piece was created by putting various large sounds (Pianos with all the keys pressed simultaneously for example) through chains of distortion and then layering them on top of themselves to create the 'hell like' end result we hear on the track. There are screams & all sorts of nightmarish sounds added and further distorted using digital processing. Whilst the piece isn't technically 'white noise', the end result is somewhat similar.

Aside from Kennedy's enjoyment of noise music (as noticed in much of the earlier Kyshera work also), the piece was part of '9.i.P.'s continued experiment in to seeing whether genuine listening experiences & emotional responses in the listener could be generated by music which has no pitch, rhythm, harmony or structure.