Made In China

Words & Music by James Kennedy

'Made In China' is an Alternative Rock song & the 10th song on the 2012 Kyshera album 'Made In China'. The words, music & production are by James Kennedy.

'Made In China' is another musical tour de force on the album beginning with a recording of a carnival before the song kicks in proper with the band playing a 3/4 Waltz groove complete with circus organ. The song then proceeds to charge through Jeff Buckley-esque clean sections, Metal / Grunge heavy sections, Noise and an entire section played on childrens toys - if you listen carefully, you can also hear during this section that the childrens Music Box is actually playing the American National Anthem polyrhythmically.

Lyrically, the song is Kennedy exploring social engineering and how society is 'manufactured' like a product - a product whose purpose is to manufacture & consume other products - and that both are in fact cheap & disposable. Just like the disposable products that society now consumes, so too is the society that makes & consumes them also manufactured & disposable. The metaphor of the song being that both are 'Made In China'.


When we were born we were free

From colours, from countries, from money, from sexes and fear

Like a master training a starving dog

Culture will be your mother, your teacher, your leader and your God.

God made man in his servants image

Colour coded they’re rank and role

Half for supply and half for demand

The boys play with soldiers and the girls with Barbie housewife toys.

We’re muzzled with our birthday masks

Blindfolded and schooled to submit.

We’re made in china as pawns for our makers.

We were born as pets for god

We can be molded into any role that they want

When they control your food and your schools, jobs, health, debt,

Information, entertainment, communication and government.

Governments are filters between producer and service caste

In the one global brave-new, fast-goods drive-thru

If you think or you break before your expiry date

You’ll be discarded to the streets where they recycle broken buyers into serfage.

They’ve got banks to keep us in our templates

From third world debt to our mortgages

Maneuvered fears in a still life culture

Keep us tame and indoctrinated.

One ideal and one ethic

With house trained drives and reflexes

We’re made in china as toys for our children

We’re made out of china, disposable goods