Words & Music by James Kennedy

'Insomnia' is an acoustic Alternative Rock song by James Kennedy which was released as a free track in 2016 on Youtube & Soundcloud.

Kennedy had been having sleeping problems for many years, which he used alcohol to cure every night. When he tried to stop drinking, he found that he couldn't sleep at all and a self destructive cycle was formed. When Kennedy hit his 2016 meltdown and took a year to reassess his life (culminating in his emotional & Top 50 Best Selling 2017 album 'Home'), he continued to experiment with his sleep and one sleepless night, instead of laying there frustrated he decided to write a song about it. The words & music to 'Insomnia' were written that night and Kennedy recorded the song live in just 'one take' the following morning, capturing the genuine feeling of the song. The songs relatable description of Insomnia has made it a favourite among fans and the song is a regular at Kennedys solo shows.


Here we go again, it's 4am

And I'm punching on the pillows

I can't pretend, reach for my phone again

And just wait for tomorrow

I wish I felt so alive in the daytime

But the rats only come out at night

To scurry around my mind

Insomnia, Insomnia

My recurring nightmare

Insomnia, got me prisoner

In my own head

Have I forgotten to sleep?

Or am I sick?

Or is this just a dream?

Another smoke, another drink

Another anything

I just gotta get through this

And I'm so tired of being tired

I'm going crazy

I'm too tired to even sleep

Can someone save me from

Insomnia, Insomnia

My recurring nightmare

Insomnia, got me prisoner

In my own head

I claw at my eyes

I wish I could hide from you

I'm on fire & I'm cramped

And I wish that the silence would shut the fuck up

I crash & I burn, I toss & I turn

I beg & I yearn

For just one nights sleep

But Insomnia, Insomnia

You fucking nightmare

Insomnia, you give me nausia

When I think of you

Insomnia, Insomnia

I love you too.