Words & Music by James Kennedy

'If' is an Alternative Rock song & the first song on the 2010 Kyshera album 'Paradigm'. The words, music & production are by James Kennedy.

The song consists entirely of 2 chords (Bbm6 and C7) and just one lyric, the ominous 'Who would you save first' question, over & over throughout. The songs writer, Kyshera singer, guitarist & Producer James Kennedy explained that he wanted the album to start in the complete opposite style to most other albums where a band or artist will have all of their singles at the start of the album & all of their 'filler' songs at the end. Beginning their debut album this way was Kennedy's way of saying 'fuck you' to what he saw as the lazy, commercial structuring of albums whilst also letting the listener know that the album they were about to listen to was not going to be a predictable & easy ride.

The song builds around the repetitive motif with ever multiplying sounds - electronics, car sounds, harpsichords, double tracked Drums, spacey Guitar sounds & more until reaching its peak at its end.

As a final 'fuck you', the song then randomly kicks in again beating the listener around the head with its hypnotic 2 chords repeat.


Who Would you save first? (Repeat until end)