Frequency 2

Genre hopping musical fantasia for Orchestra & Rock band.

Composed & Produced by James Kennedy

'Frequency 2' is an instrumental piece of music for Orchestra, band, toys, Theramin, choir and more. It is the 11th song on the 2010 Kyshera album 'Paradigm'. The music & production are by James Kennedy.

'Frequency 2' is the sequel to 'Frequency 1', the track that precedes it on the album. The cinematic piece has no structure or musical repetition but consists instead of a sequence of genre changes throughout. Part 2 of the piece features a melody played on a Theramin which is the same as the melody to the song 'If' (track 1 on the album). Frequency 2 then proceeds to race through several different style changes with its dense instrumental arrangement changing with it, including Disney-esque music box atmospheres, Arabian strings, Jazz Piano, Pink Floyd-esque vocal solo's, Stravinsky-esque dissonant Orchestral stabs & more.