Words & Music by James Kennedy

'Fiction' is an Alternative Rock song & the 6th song on the 2010 Kyshera album 'Paradigm'. The words, music & production are by James Kennedy.

'Fiction' is a musical tour de force featuring more than 11 different musical sections in just over 2 minutes with no repeats throughout. The song begins with a 20th century classical technique called 'Serialism' but is executed in a high speed punk rock style. This intro features firstly the 12 Tone Row and then the Retrograde Inverted version of itself.

The song then continues on its musical schizophrenia at breakneck speed including atonal metal riffs, noise & rapid changes of tempo until the end, whilst lyrically, Kennedy rallies against the hollowness of modern celebrity, culture, ethics & values with lines such as "Freedom where there once was murder - we just change the words" and proclaiming over at the end that "We live in a Fiction, a Fiction".


Dark age in the endless strobing of fairy lights

Blind faith in the plastic spun idol of the self

Celebrate the mediocre

Survival of the best pretender

Freedom where there once was murder

You just change the words

Make up, fake tan, surgery

All the ways I value me

Steroids, liposuction we are free

Now absolution’s so easy

Faster, louder, younger, more

Cultural shock & awe

We live in the advert of reality

Where the truth has to accept what we believe

Sensory greed & mental poverty

And everyone’s a celebrity

Turn on the TV to look in the mirror

Swallow sugar cube propaganda

Lowest common denominator

With everyone equal

See what you wanna see, hear what you wanna hear

Fear what you wanna fear so…

You can feel what you wanna feel, be what you wanna be

You false little motherfu**er go

You change the packaging then you’ve changed what’s within

But there is nothing inside anything now

Our politics, our values & our sense of self

It’s all surface level marketing now

We live in a fiction, a fiction

We live in a fiction, a fiction