Words & Music by James Kennedy

'Coma' is an Alternative Rock song & the 8th song on the 2015 Kyshera album 'Circle'. The words, music & production are by James Kennedy.

'Coma' is the point in the story where the main character is now, literally, in a Coma but this isn't expressed anywhere other the title. Having botched his public suicide attempt, he has now ended up in a deep Coma and the song is a dark fantasia of his thoughts, demons, regrets, questioning & realisations all swimming around inside his mind. It is on this song where the realisation fully hits him that he has been corrupted by fame, ego, self righteousness & modern values and he tries to make sense of it all, how he got there & whether he is to blame. The horror-esque repetitive music keeps churning away as he screams & wails and as the song ends, we hear panicked breathing, as if to imply that he has awoken - both literally & metaphorically.

Musically, the song is mostly instrumental and has a dark, cinematic, almost horror-esque feel to it as it pounds away with its relentless 8th notes and dissonant atmospheric guitar sounds on top. The guitar 'solo' features fast picking on a single note which was pitch altered in real time using a Whammy pedal set to 'backwards'. Kennedy actually broke the string on the very last note.


I fall inside the only place that’s left for me to hide

From you, from me

A locked Cocoon, in exile from the life I couldn’t save

Am I to blame

A refugee, loveless relic, plastic legacy

A forger of dreams

How did it get like this?

The steps deceive us to where they lead us

Am I to blame