Burning Witches

Words & Music by James Kennedy

'Burning Witches' is an Alternative Rock song & the 11th song on the 2012 Kyshera album 'Made In China'. The words, music & production are by James Kennedy.

'Burning Witches' is one of the more bizarre tracks on 'Made In China'. The song changes Guitar Tuning several times throughout and the tuning of the Guitar & Bass is done as part of the performance in the song. There are many different sections in 'Burning Witches' including a Polyrhythmic 'verse' where everything is in 7/8 except the drums which are in 4/4, a spacey choral section made up of layers of Kennedy's voice (and featuring his lowest recorded note so far), a warped circus Harpsichord section, noise laden heavy riffs, multiple time signature, tempo & key changes, layers of sound effects & many different instruments including Synths, Pianos, Harpsichords, Music Boxes, distorted Guitars, multi-layered Choral vocals, feedback, reversed drums and much more. The song ends on the exact chord needed to begin the next song, 'Ants' thus completing the album long format of there being no silence anywhere on 'Made In China'.

Lyrically, the song is about the psychology of all forms of prejudice and how it also manifests itself in our institutions as well as individuals.


We are defined by our insecurities

From the grassroots to the spire

We need to personify our fears

Like school yard bullies and they’re cronies.

If we didn’t hate our egos would deflate

‘Cos if there’s no one small, then there’s no one who’s taller.

Packs of frenzied, bruised dogs

Laugh at the burning insects

In this reality TV colosseum

Called society.

Prejudice is therapy for you.

Our fears are exploited

By politicians and the market

We accept their bigotry

‘Cos we need our scapegoats like we need our Gods.

Somethings not a threat if it has no power

But is easier to beat the already enchained

When our shield becomes unstable

We tempt the arrows to someone who’s more vulnerable.

Political correctness wont change a thing

As long as everyone keeps sinking

‘Cos once they’ve found a reflex, they can tune in

And do what the f**k they like while the rats scramble over eachother.

But if only we would persecute power

We’d have error correction machinery

We’d have no demagogues to temp us

In our colony