Musique Concrete, Speech rhythms, Micro Tones, Polyrhythms, noise, electronica, ambient dreamscapes & experimental extremes. Welcome to 9.i.P.

'Nine i.P.' is an experimental electronic side project album by KYSHERA frontman James Kennedy, released on March 19th 2012 through Konic Records. The album is completely instrumental, except for the track 'House Of Mirrors' which although doesn't technically have a vocal line, is constructed entirely of sounds made with Kennedys voice. Kennedy has left the meaning of the albums title open to interpretation.


'9.i.P.' was a passion project of Kennedys which began in early 2011. His love of experimental music, electronica & musique concrete had no appropriate outlet in his work with Alt Rock band KYSHERA (although it can be heard in many places on the 'Made in China' album), so Kennedy released '9.i.P.' as a side project in between the release of the bands 1st and 2nd albums. Throughout the album, Kennedy endeavoured to use electronics to explore the extremes of what is sonically possible with timbre, rhythm & arrangement and created a collection of extremely experimental (though not always pleasant), highbrow pieces of work. Produced at his home studio, the album was written & produced over a 6 month period & released as a 'digital only' release on the day that KYSHERA were flying to Canada. Kennedy has released an essay on his official website (https://www.jameskennedystuff.com/nine-i-p ) with a track by track explanantion of all of the techniques used throughout '9.i.P.' such as speech rhythms, micro tones, musique concrete, poly tempos, noise, binaural beats and experiments with timbre to see if emotional responses can still be triggered with sound even when the music is stripped of all rhythm, melody, structure, words or discernable sounds. Kennedy himself has said that he finds the album difficult to listen to now.


1. Water Babies - 2:38

2. Spectra - 4:41

3. Planck - 5:39

4. New World Order - 2:10

5. Dark Suits - 7:14

6. 3 - 4:05

7. Time - 3:31

8. House Of Mirrors - 5:00

9. Under - 5:45

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Artist : JAMES KENNEDYReleased : March 19th 2012Label : Konic RecordsProducer : James KennedyGenres : Electronic / Orchestral / Experimental / Musique Concrete

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